62 minutes | Dec 30, 2019

Episode 3: Navigating Jobs With Your Heart (and a phone call to a stranger!!) with Paul Costabile

On the latest episode of Unemployed, Anna sits down with her friend, also a comedian/host, Paul Costabile. From showing up to a PA job in Staten Island in a full suit (ready to go on camera) to maybe DJ-ing Anna's bat mitzvah(?), Paul has been one of the most hardworking entertainers in town, baby! This is the first episode where Anna and her guest call a stranger who is unemployed and can use a pep talk. Anna and Paul talk to the amazing Christina who lost her job as a baker, and doesn't know what to do. They chat about the importance of figuring out what you love to do, and building on that. And they ask Christina to send them baked goods, naturally.
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