12 minutes | Nov 6, 2020

Teaching and Learning: Practical Strategies for Self-Care in the Midst of Pandemic Stress and Overwhelm

Teaching during the pandemic is taking its toll on the most positive and energetic educators among us. In this episode, we learn some practical strategies for managing the exceptional levels of stress and overwhelm many of us feel. Follow on Twitter: @gustafsonbrad @benjamingilpin @elizabethjosel1 @jonHarper70bd @bamradionetwork Beth Joselyn is a practitioner of teaching and empowering humans to regulate their nervous system using simple tools accessible to them- BREATH, intentional movements and heart intelligence practices. She has a Masters in Art Education and currently teaches Elementary art. She is also a certified id Yoga instructor and has trained under James S. Gordon, MD, a Harvard-educated psychiatrist, a world-renowned expert in using mind-body medicine to heal depression, anxiety and psychological trauma. .
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