20 minutes | Feb 13, 2021

#172 Can’t Get Him Out Of My Head Part #1 (with Adam Curtis)

Welcome to Part #1 of Under The Skin with the incredible Adam Curtis. Adam is a documentary filmmaker and a previous beloved guest on Under The Skin! In his films he explores areas of sociology, psychology, philosophy and political history.

His latest documentary, Can't Get You Out Of My Head: An Emotional History of the Modern World, is a 6-part series that you can now watch on the BBC. 

In Part #1 of this conversation we discuss Adam’s new documentary where he explores how as individuals we internalise power structures and how we feel doesn’t always come from within but where we are in relation to power. We discuss and debate ideas around progressivism, psychologising, religious ideology and our visions for how we feel the world should go about change.

It is, as with all Adam Curtis content, a very enlightening and thought provoking podcast. Let us know how what you thought of it!

Join us next week for Part #2!

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