54 minutes | Jul 2, 2019

197 Stephan Talty of Empire of Blue Waters

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I discovered Stephan Talty through his book "The Black Hand" about the proto-Mafia crime organization that terrorized the Italian community of New York in the early 1900's.  

And I was super pleased to find out that he also wrote a book about Henry Morgan, "Empire of Blue Water", as well as co-wrote "A Captain's Duty" with Richard Phillips aka Captain Phillips.  Yep, the guy from the movie.

In this episode:

  • Henry Morgan's lasting legacy and character
  • The process of reliving his capture by Somali pirates with Richard Phillips
  • How Stephan manages to write so many books
  • The Black Hand as the precursor to the Mafia and Joe Petrosino as an Italian hero.


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