27 minutes | Feb 5, 2021

Episode 44: The Unsolved Murders of Abigail Williams & Liberty German

Being at one with nature is said to be a very calming, relaxing and mindful experience. Escaping everyday life and taking in the beautiful, natural sights that this world has to offer. While there are some dangers out in nature, many are either known to us, avoidable and can be handled safely. What no one would expect to come across, however, is a killer with such evil intentions. A killer whose senseless crime has sent shockwaves across the Unites States. Let's uncover the unsolved murders of Abigial Williams and Liberty German. If you have any information on Abbie and Libby's case or if you think you know who might be responsible for their deaths, please contact the Delphi Homicide Investigation Top Line on 844 4595786, or you can email abbyandlibbytip@cacoshrf.comLink to the Abby & Libby Memorial Park website - http://abbyandlibbymemorialpark.org/Twitter - @Uncover_podInstagram - uncovertruecrimepodCase Suggestion Form - https://forms.gle/mUDbNYeoTZ5kGfaq7Music: The Rake & Dark Rage, The Woods & Haunted by CO.AG and The Art of Silence by UniqAll sources and picture can be found at www.uncovertruecrimepodcast.co.uk
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