40 minutes | Sep 29, 2020

The Wizard's Grimoire | Political Warfare Briefing by Stephen Coughlin

It's impossible to understand Marxism without understanding Hegel as Marxism is completely driven by Hegel. In this political warfare briefing by Stephen Coughlin, part of a multi-series of briefings, he explains Hegel's philosophy and how it influenced so many, including Woodrow Wilson. This briefing can also be viewed, with the slides, on our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCMiIoqT2EEDLD3b-N1u345w/ ------------ https://unconstrainedanalytics.org/ Sign up for the UA mailing list on the site or consider making a donation to help support the work of Unconstrained Analytics, a 501(c)3. Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/AnalyzeEvidence twitter.com/RichHiggins_DC twitter.com/S_Coughlin_DC
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