79 minutes | Jan 2, 2020

Eat From Where You Live - Daniel Vitalis

It couldn’t be more perfect that for this last episode of Uncivilize, my guest is the very person who inspired me to start the show: Daniel Vitalis, former host of the immensely popular and provocative Rewild Yourself Podcast. Being interviewed by Daniel for Rewild Yourself (Episode 134) was a revelation, because until that introduction, I hadn’t known that the seemingly disparate areas that had enthralled me since my childhood—exploring the wilderness, environmental conservation, anthropology, ancestral peoples, and a general aching to have lived at an earlier time in our human existence—had a name, let alone had converged into a movement: rewilding.Much has happened since that epiphany more than two years ago, especially for Daniel, who not only found love and got married but dove deeper into another love: hunting, fishing, foraging and food. From that came WildFed, his new culinary adventure show and podcast that hopes to connect people with their local landscapes—not to mention 3 million years of human history—by opening their eyes to sustainably harvesting, cooking and eating wild food.Here’s what we talk about: -Daniel’s recent wild-food wedding-Finding the balance between the modern and the primitive-Connection to the landscape through food-The problem with rugged individualism-“We’re at risk of losing some very fundamental human technologies”-Daniel’s non-hunting childhood-Urban vegans, and making the case for hunting-Wild turkeys, leeks and fiddleheads: Daniel’s first harvest-Bear fat!-Hunting in the United States: What you need to know-The making of WildFed-How to find your wild food niche, no matter where you liveCheck out the WildFed Podcast (available wherever you get your podcasts) and go here to watch trailers for and order Season 1 of the WildFed show. You can also follow Daniel and all his happenings on his website, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.Thank you for listening to and supporting this show over the past two years! You can subscribe on iTunes to catch up on all 35 episodes. (If you’ve enjoyed the show, I always appreciate good ratings and reviews. It will help me with my next project.) The theme music is by Paul Damian Hogan.
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