70 minutes | Nov 10th 2020

Why Bitcoin Now: Bitcoin Under a Biden Administration - Ep.198

In this episode, Dan Tapiero, founder of 10T Holdings and Gold Bullion International, and Cathie Wood, CEO and CIO at ARK Invest, discuss the long election week in the U.S. and how they believe Bitcoin will behave in a post-election world. They also talk about:

  • how a changeover from a Trump to a Biden administration could affect Bitcoin
  • how the prospect of legal challenges from the Trump administration might affect Bitcoin
  • whether they think the presidential election influenced Bitcoin’s precipitous price jump in the first week of November
  • what it takes to change the mind of a Bitcoin skeptic in the investment world
  • whether gold investors are becoming more resistant or more embracing of Bitcoin
  • whether Democratic control of the Senate would affect Bitcoin
  • how they expect the new wave of rising coronavirus cases and lockdowns to affect economies and Bitcoin
  • the new inflation policy introduced by Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell and how it will affect Bitcoin
  • the recent Bitcoin halving and how they expect Bitcoin to perform over the next year
  • how banking will change over the next few years and how that will affect Bitcoin
  • their thoughts on central bank digital currencies and how an increase in CBDCs might affect Bitcoin
  • what factors they are looking at right now when thinking about what could happen with Bitcoin over the next year


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Episode links: 

Cathie Wood: https://twitter.com/cathiedwood

Ark Invest: https://ark-invest.com/

Yassine Elmandjra: https://twitter.com/yassineARK


Dan Tapiero: https://twitter.com/DTAPCAP

10T Holdings: https://10tfund.com/

Gold Bullion International: https://bullioninternational.com/


Unchained with Brian Brooks: https://unchainedpodcast.com/acting-comptroller-of-the-currency-brian-brooks-on-crypto-banks/


Jerome Powell speech on targeting inflation of 2%: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/27/powell-announces-new-fed-approach-to-inflation-that-could-keep-rates-lower-for-longer.html


Bitcoin-gold correlation: https://coinmetrics.io/correlation-charts/#assets=btc-gld


Bitcoin-S&P 500 correlation: https://coinmetrics.io/correlation-charts/#assets=btc-s&p


Forbes profile on Cathie Wood: https://www.forbes.com/sites/antoinegara/2020/10/05/how-cathie-wood-beat-wall-street-by-betting-tesla-is-worth-more-than-1-trillion/?sh=12d44f813d45


ARK Invest Bitcoin white papers: https://ark-invest.com/white-papers/bitcoin-part-one/



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