38 minutes | Jan 17th 2019

Brooks Bellay | 1979 Vero Beach murder of a young girl

Brooks Bellay was 14 when he killed a little girl in a small Florida beach town. Nearly 40 years later, he stood in front of a judge asking to be freed from his life prison term after law changes made him, and several hundred other, eligible for a sentencing do-over. Hear from Brooks, his lawyers and the little girl's parents in episode two of Uncertain Terms. Transcripts and photos: bit.ly/UTBrooksBellay Follow Uncertain Terms on Twitter: twitter.com/UncertainTerms Subscribe: Apple Podcasts: apple.co/2GAPCNZ Spotify: https://t.co/U6EgGTYw3z Google Play: bit.ly/2USmFjh Stitcher: bit.ly/2QAz9Oc SoundCloud: bit.ly/2A4Fwz8
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