64 minutes | Aug 24th 2016

UTBB Episode 71: Kentucky's Dangerous Legal Precedent, WWAD Speed Round Quiz, and NASA Comes Out of the Closet

Kentucky keeps making all the wrong headlines this week when federal court judge David Bunning dismisses all three lawsuits pending against Rowan County Jaysus groupie Kim Davis. Apparently, it is now legal to force your employer to craft legislation in order to accommodate your belief in gods. This undercuts the protections offered to employers under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and opens up a new avenue for segragtion to become legally supported.   With that depressing bit of Kentucky stupidity out of the way,  we have a fun round of WWAD. Six ethical scenarios where the options become more and more unpalatable, and there isn't a right answer. The crew invites you to play along and see just how far apart your ethics are from everyone else in the world. We wrap up with the exciting announcement that NASA is cleaning out their closets and letting the publuc have access to thousands of files from publicly funded projects! This has Kate and Sharon geeking out so much, that these two women start dreaming of ways to never have to wash a dish again!
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