60 minutes | Jul 6th 2016

UTBB Episode 65: The Historicity Of Jaysus: Documentary Series Director Matt Kovacs Stops By

It was a hard weekend, but we made it through without blowing off any fingers or toes this past 4th of July. And with the start of a new week, we brought in a special guest Matt Kovacs, the director of the NPRproduced documentary series Who They Say That I Am, an episodic series trying to figure out who the Christ figure was to those who followed him. Adam Collins of Adamant Atheism, and Tucker Drake of Atheist in the Trailer Park, crash the interview, making for a lively discussion on the fact and fiction of Jesus. Joe and Sharon take on the topic of abortion burials, and whether men should bury the socks they occasionally use to masturbate in out of respect for the potential that was wasted in a mix of cotton and polyester blends.   Check out the trailer for Who They Say That I Am here: https://youtu.be/-eTk2a0MIf4
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