72 minutes | May 25th 2016

UTBB Episode 59 : It's the End of the World As We Know It

In this episode we start off strong staying on the subject of human trafficking /pedophiles found in the churches of TN through a TBI sting operation….but it soon spirals down  into dick jokes and funny stories about inbreeding and Sharon dating her cousin (not knowing he was her cousin!) Then for the main event for the night Sharon and Adam Phuzen interview the writers and producers from the audio drama Atheist Apocalypse, of which your very own Sharon is a voice actor!  We talk with the guys about the fate of audio dramas and podcasts in general and then the writers are given free rein to tell the world what a task master Paul Sating is……..but there is so much love and respect between those guys that they could only say wonderful things about their fearless leader!   So sit back, grab a tall glass of sweet iced tea, relax and enjoy episode 59 of UTBB!
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