55 minutes | Jul 20th 2016

UTBB EP 67: Interview With A Member Of The Black Panthers, #ThoughtsandPrayers

Episode 67 bears a lot of weight this week. With the passing of Samantha Lee Bannister, daughter of Jeremiah and Angela Bannister of Paleo Radio, we take a moment to reflect on Sami's journey.   We also discuss the impact of #thoughtsandprayers. Is there a time it is useful? Should it be silenced and avoided at all costs? What other purpose does #thoughtsandprayers serve besides easing the mind of the one performing it?   Then we have an insightful interview with a member of the re awakening Black Panther Movement. Avery Corniell joins us to share a militant look at the issues at hand with police violence against blacks, the systemic failure of the justice system, and what needs to be done.   For more information about #TeamTinyDancer, please go to Sami's Go Fund Me page here.  http://www.gofundme.com/teamtinydancer   Like the ending speech by Charlie Chaplan? Check it out here in video.  
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