76 minutes | Jul 13th 2016

UTBB EP 66: All Lives Don't Matter, Until They All Actually Do

It's a touchy week of news that started off with an ark display that refused to be touched by reality, or fair hiring practices, in Kentucky. All is fun and games at the planned Tri-State Freethinker Genocide & Incest Park Protest on 7/7. Dan Arel joins Joe for a review of the protest and the shenanigans that transpired thanks to the beleaguered efforts of Hovind to bring God, and free #chickengate sandwiches, to the godless.   But as the world often does, a darker more serious shadow of humanity clouded the news as more men were shot by police in circumstances that again made our cast members question not just the methods of law enforcement, but our own understanding of racism and bias. Black Lives versus All Lives. And why is it always a versus and not together? Everyone is bursting with realization, but is there enough time in the day to get it all off their chests?   Check out Dan Arel's blog here: Danthropology
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