54 minutes | May 11th 2016

Unbuckling The Bible Belt EP 57: Diddling Diddles For President

The Republican Party suffered a stroke this weak and has seemed to have lost use of part of their party this week. Kasich and Cruz, both first ordained by God to run for POTUS, have now aborted their campaigns, finding it impossible to continue to term. Trump's apparent win of the primary has many wondering what it means to even be a Republican anymore, and draws into sharp focus a much needed upset still to come within the Democratic primaries. Before we slog into speculation and political day dreaming, we check out the hefty $10 MILLION DOLLAR child diddling rebate Cornerstone Church is going to possibly owe one of its former parishioners who had been raped by one of their appointed youth mentors. We also highlight some of the exciting upcoming guests and events we have on schedule this month of May!
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