52 minutes | Oct 29, 2018

064: Overcoming Abuse While Empowering Yourself and Others with Ultra Runner Flo Zurkinden

For nearly a decade Flo Zurkinden has been a wellness professional, ultra runner, personal trainer, and nutrition specialist, she has not only learned the importance of taking care of others around you but more importantly taking care of one's own self. Flo has overcome a lot in her life and it has all lead her to what she is doing today, and the way she now lives her life. Flo now wakes up each day with a growing passion to teach, mentor and coach all those around her the power of self-care and emotional fitness. She specializes in showing anyone who is ready for a real change, how easy it is to shift their mindset and take the time to replenish their spirit so they can serve others from the overflow and create the outcomes that they truly deserve.  Flo is the founder of Rising Phoenix Fitness and the Relentless Life Project. Connect with Flo: Website: https://www.risingphoenixfit.com/ Facebook:  The Relentless Life Project Facebook: Rising Phoenix Fitness Instagram: @the_relentlesslifeproject
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