53 minutes | Dec 3rd 2020

Episode 36: Dianna Tymes (Part I)

Today, my friend Dianna Tymes shares her struggles with shame from molestation and past sexual sin. Shame first entered Dianna’s life when she was molested as a young child and resulted in her keeping negative secrets and increased her feelings of insecurity. Not knowing how to deal with this shame and other complex things going on in her life, Dianna struggled with anger and fighting. Listen in as Dianna shares how salvation transformed her and how Jesus is continually exfoliating her shame.  Dianna is saved by God, a wife, mother of two amazing sons, an advocate for women and children, budding entrepreneur, and writer.  She is currently completing her degree in psychology as she champions for mothers of premature babies and families of children with special needs. Be on the lookout for her new blog Dee’s Hang Out Suite, a safe place for moms!  Connect with Dianna: Blog Instagram: Personal and Be Bold Business Account Resources Mentioned Dianna’s Blog Shady Grove Fertility  Episode 10&11: Laying Aside Sexual Sin (Part I&II)  Scriptures Mentioned: Proverbs 3:5 Want to contact me?  Follow me on Instagram Follow me on Facebook Email me at danielle@unashamedandfree.com  
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