15 minutes | Nov 30, 2021

[PEP TALK] For When You are Not Seeing Results - STOP Getting Distracted from Your 'Why' and Do Your Thing!

When you feel like you are not seeing results and you need a girlfriend to pick you up...listen to this!

In this episode, we chat about a relatable situation, one that most of us face, day-in and day-out and how we get through it. 
This is a pick-me-up reminder for when you are doubting yourself. Coz when that happens, it means you are distracted from your Why.

We chat about:

  • How to measure parameters for your goals
  • How to define success for yourself
  • Why your 'Why' is so important
  • How to keep going when you are not seeing results
  • Why it's ok to not see immediate results 
  • Feeling content and satisfied with your goals, your life and yourself

I'm cheering you on,
Keep going!
And Stay Unapologetically you!
Preya <3

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