39 minutes | Nov 27, 2019

Unfinished Relationships with Nicole Rayy

I have my girl Nicole Rayy on today to talk about her NEW single "Unfinished" (which you can hear at the end of the episode) and tell us the story that inspired the song - her real life relationship. We discuss how her and her boyfriend Damon came back together after years a part and are continuing their story after feeling like things were unfinished, which opens the door to the entire topic of unfinished relationships - are they good or bad? We delve into some of my past experiences including my "one that got away", how reaching out to one of my ex's was BAD news and would I want to continue or revisit any of my past relationships? We even get into how friendships can be unfinished in good and bad ways as well and how we are all on this crazy journey of life discovering ourselves and growing as people. Everything happens for a reason and is here to teach us something - good and bad. You can also listen to the end to hear Damon make a special little appearance! Be sure to follow Nicole on Instagram, Facebook, Spotify etc. @NicoleRayyMusic  Follow Unapologetically Bree on social media at @UnapologeticallyBreePodcast or email us at unapologeticallybree@gmail.com
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