54 minutes | May 27, 2020

Passion with Purpose feat. Suzi Kory

My amazing and talented friend Suzi Kory decided to go after her dreams of being a singer-songwriter after a milestone birthday, years in the corporate world, two kids later and is THRIVING! Her journey and story is SO inspiring and allows us ALL know that no matter where you are in life or what age you are you CAN go after your dream. We discuss her journey to this new balanced life, how she does it all and having a your passion fuel your purpose. Whatever it is you do - let the passion and the reasons you went after it be what keeps you going and let that lead you and THAT is when you will find success. Suzi shows this in three incredible examples of how the universe rewarded her by allowing certain AMAZING events (trust me you WANT to hear these) to happen that re-enforced her WHY and let her know she was on the right path with pursuing music.  Listen to this incredible discussion and wake up and do what feeds your soul and stop living life uninspired and without passion.  Follow Unapologetically Bree on social media at @BreeTaylorOfficial and @UnapologeticallyBreePodcast or email us at unapologeticallybree@gmail.com Be sure to tune into my LIVE stream on Instagram every Thursday at 9pm EST on @BreeTaylorOfficial.
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