52 minutes | Apr 30, 2020

Does love still exist? Even in Quarantine?

Does love really still exist? Becca the hopeless romantic is here to discuss her experiences with some quarantine dating and how she still has hope for love. Should we really look more into dating profiles in detail? I matched with a guy TWICE who does pest removal? Me slumming it…and Becca says that my best and most entertaining quality is that I call people on their shit. Becca tells us about her changing her path from pursuing music as a career to becoming a songwriter while having a career. She picked up a new hobby in quarantine called the Kalimba? We also discuss stock mentality during the pandemic - BUY ALL THE FOOD! Follow Unapologetically Bree on social media at @UnapologeticallyBreePodcast or email us at unapologeticallybree@gmail.com
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