37 minutes | Nov 11, 2020

Confession: I fell in love.

So yeah...I fell in love this past summer. And it ended badly. But I am in the best place in my life, happier than ever and feeling back to myself so I am able to discuss the situation with a mature mindset and really see the silver lining in this experience. I have had a spiritual awakening through this traumatic experience and have begun so much healing and forgiveness work and I am SO excited for where life is taking me and the new adventures ahead! Listen to me share this story and journey that I have been on and some positive highlights from this past summer despite all the craziness in the world.    Follow Unapologetically Bree on social media at @BreeTaylorOfficial and @UnapologeticallyBreePodcast or email us at unapologeticallybree@gmail.com Be sure to tune into my LIVE stream on Instagram every Thursday at 9pm EST on @BreeTaylorOfficial 
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