20 minutes | May 5, 2021

How Marketing Automation Can Cut Your Workload in Half In Your Business

I’ve done this before and many business owners have too.  There’s a stack of Post-It notes that are keeping track of the lifeblood of your business.  Can’t see any problems with that, right?   Wrong.   While Post-It's business is a huge empire, the chances of anyone else’s business building to that level on Post-It's is just not likely going to happen.   There’s various good business practices that all businesses should implement regardless of their size.  One of those things is to automate the pieces of your business that you repeat day after day.     Using marketing automation in your business can cut your workload in half.  Just the right amount of automation in your business can help you with your lead generation, email marketing, customer retention… basically every element of your business.   By having the systems, processes, and people in place in your business you can save time with the automation and duplication needed for business growth.  This will also allow you more time to work and focus on the pieces of your business that need your expertise.   In this podcast you’re going to learn a better and more efficient way using:    CRM: Customer Relationship Management Calendly Sales Funnel Email Marketing Software _______________ Download My Top 5 Favorite Closing Questions Workbook Here : https://jeremykenerson.com/my-top-5-favorite-closing-questions-workbook/
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