20 minutes | Mar 10, 2021

Foundation of a Highly Successful Business

One can compare building a business to building a house.  Both should start with having a solid foundation laid first. Building a business on a solid foundation starts with the four pillars of a highly profitable business, a process that I have implemented myself after going through frustrations, pains, loss in revenue, and missed potential opportunities. This is a process that I also teach to others so they too can avoid the setbacks and get their businesses launched, get their products/services out to those who need them, and then scale into reaching more customers/clients and generate more revenue. It’s important to not only start with the foundation but building a solid foundation in the right order is key. What I’ve found is that focussing on these foundations out of order didn’t achieve the business success I was looking for.  Same goes for a  lot of the clients that I've worked with, coached, mentored, trained, and helped take to the next level. Their biggest struggle in moving to new levels was typically because they were doing these steps out of order. And that really is key. When we look at the foundation pieces of a business we need to consider: Mindset Marketing Customer Service Operations Focussing on these pillars when building a business allows for a solid foundation which provides growth and scalability with less pain and heartache.
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