46 minutes | Sep 22, 2020

Are you doing income producing activities daily in your business?

It’s time to keep your own voice and maintain your soul because you can sell without selling.  The biggest thing is people don't want to feel like a sellout. They don't want to be inauthentic and be that slimy salesperson that's all about themselves. I teach the art and the science of the sale so that you are able to sell in a way that leaves you feeling truthful and helpful.   The science of the sale follows the 80/20 rule, meaning that 80% of your time throughout your day should be dedicated towards income producing activities (marketing, content, lead generation, phone calls, closing conversations). The other 20% should be spent on admin stuff, things that are necessary that have to get done in your business, but that aren't revenue producing.   Really prioritize what you're doing throughout the day. Reorganizing the tasks by saying, "Okay, revenue producing activities is the most important thing in my business. Everything else can be postponed, delegated, put off, just not done at all."   A lot of times we end up not liking to do the revenue producing things because it involves other people. It involves us feeling uncomfortable and then we create all these admin things, all these little tasks and checklists. Then we determine a “productive day” by the number of tasks we checked off. Businesses don’t grow when our 80/20 balance is more like 10/90.   Sales is a numbers game and you have to know your numbers.  People buy when they want to buy, not when you're ready to sell them. So what you want to do is find the people that are ready to buy now.   Listen in to learn how to crunch your numbers, the importance of time blocking, using a CRM (customer relationship management) program, the skill of listening, and how to have a conversational dance.
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