15 minutes | Oct 2, 2020

4 Critical Pieces to the Sales Call Process

Do you struggle with having an effective sales call? You may be skipping one of the 4 Critical Pieces to the Sales Call Process.    How do you want your sales conversations to go? Do you ever feel stuck with what to say on sales calls? Normally we get stuck on what to say because we don't have a plan. So, because of that, we end up pausing and thinking a lot and we're not sounding professional and we're not sounding confident. Sounding professional and confident go a really, really long way to help people get to know, like, and trust you, which are the three things that need to happen to build your relationship and increase your sales.   If somebody is actually going to buy from you or sign up with you, they need to know, like, and trust you. The conversation has to flow.    Here are the 4 critical pieces to the sales conversation process that need to be covered: Qualify - Are they a good fit? Can they afford it? Motivation - What is their motivation? Emotion - What is this product/service going to do for them? How does it make their life better? Value - What is the value they are receiving?   You can mix and match those in whatever order you need to based on how your conversation is going. In each one of those sections, you want to have certain open ended questions that you can ask that's going to give you the information you need when you get towards the end and you ask them for the business. This is golden for overcoming those objections at that point.
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