12 minutes | Sep 16, 2020

3 Mindset Habits to Have Success in Your Business

If you shortcut your mindset you're not going to be able to have the success that you are wanting, thriving for, and driving for.  Do these three mindset habits to have a change in your mindset and thus a change in the success in your business.   The first thing is to replace the word failing with learning. A lot of times we don't do certain things because we're afraid to fail. But why are we afraid to fail? We're afraid of how we're going to be perceived by other people when we do fail. That's really the root at the heart of being afraid to fail. It's not the failing that sucks. It's what other people are going to think about you. That's trying to preserve your self image.   Step number two is stop seeking other people's approval. Don't do it. It's not worth it. The only way to get to what we want to be is to not worry about what other people think.   The third step is to value the process over the end result. The reason you want to value the process versus the result is because every time you try something new the odds are you're not going to have the result that you wanted.    All you got is now. You can't do anything about the past. You can't go back and change it. So don't dwell on that. Life is all about enjoying the moments in the series of moments. Create those memories and enjoy the journey.  Adhere to these three things to ensure your mindset is on track for success.
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