41 minutes | Oct 6th 2017

Toronto, Canada - Courteous Cops and Justin Jousts with Adi, Augustin and Canadian Ben

Join locals Adi, Augustin and Canadian Ben on a comfy Toronto conversation sofa where we chat and sing about all things Canadian and Ontario. In this episode of the Ukulele Road Trips podcast, a line-up as diverse as the city, and as kind as the country. Politeness and courtesy are explored and probably, also, applied, in a recording which also includes the most famous and atypical Canadian sport's fan.    Also in this podcast, a battle between the two great Justins of Canada, Bieber and Trudeau, a bit of Pokemon, patience lessons, and an interview with the most gentlemanly law enforcement officer, performed while I was under arrest.   Support the adventure on www.Patreon.com/ukuleleroadtrips
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