41 minutes | Oct 24th 2017

Ice, Fire, Gods and Cods with Ásgeir and Hjalti in Reykjavik, Iceland

On the island of fishing, of sheep, and of powerful Norse Gods, join local Vikings Ásgeir and Hjalti for a beer and a talk about all things Icelandic. From ice to volcanoes, with a word of advice too, on what not to do as a tourist, get set for a tour of the life and countryside of fascinating Iceland! Recorded in the elegant Slippbarinn bar in Reykyavik, Icelandic MMA gets a mention too, being linked with our studio for the evening. And this pod maybe even shares a bit of Hjalti's favourite Icelandic Runic band, Skálmöld with their song Kvaðning at the very end. Maybe. Only one way to find out...  Pictured, two cool local Vikings mid-conversation. Ásgeir on the left an Hjalti on the right  
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