28 minutes | Aug 3, 2017

SA Catapult: The True Value Of Data From Drones & Satellites

This week the pod welcomes Mark Jarman (@maninajar) from SA Catapult (@SatAppsCatapult) & the Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry Society(@RSPSoc) to talk about the use of Drones for mapping and surveying, what is actually valuable and how this integrates with satellite imagery. We also discuss the use of drones in agriculture and how people can maximise the potential as well as the future of the industry. Find out more about SA Catapult here www.sa.catapult.org.uk/ RSPSoc here www.rspsoc.org.uk/ Find us on Twitter and Facebook using the handle @ukdronepodcast or you can email us at ukdronespodcast@gmail.com
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