35 minutes | Aug 17, 2017

Moonrock: What Do We Need To Know About Drone Insurance - Not As Dull As It Sounds!

This week the pod welcomes Simon Ritterband and Paul Lisberg from Moonrock Insurance (@crazy4drones) to talk about insurance for commercial operators in the UK. It sounds like a dull subject but it is vital listening and much more interesting than it initial sounds. Subjects discussed include mandatory levels of cover, different types of insurance operators should be considering and how the industry is developing how you might reduce your premiums. We also discuss the use of drones Moonrock have seen; why they have changed their brand name and how their experience may help you when considering you company identity. Find out more about Moonrock here www.moonrockinsurance.com Find us on Twitter and Facebook using the handle @ukdronepodcast or you can email us at ukdronespodcast@gmail.com
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