30 minutes | Sep 18, 2017

Elliott Corke (The Guru): The Past, Present & Future Of The Industry

This week the pod welcomes Elliott Corke from Hexcam (@hexcam) and The Aerial Academy (@aerialacademy)to talk about the drone market in the UK and how it has changed since he entered the market in 2011. We discuss how the technology has changed, the rates of development in the industry, the trends in the industry are and what operators both existing and new should be considering. Elliott also talks some interesting projects he has been involved in and suggests some operators that we all should be looking at for inspiration in our operations. Find out more about Hexacm and The Aerial Academy here www.hexcam.co.uk www.dronetraining.co.uk Find us on Twitter and Facebook using the handle @ukdronepodcast or you can email us at ukdronespodcast@gmail.com
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