48 minutes | Sep 6th 2017

9: YP Perspective – Know Yourself, Be Open + Discover Your Dreams

An entrepreneur, marketer, coach, and brewery co-founder Nicole Cendrowski joins us for a fabulous conversation on dreams and taking advantage of opportunities. Show Notes: Nicole’s journey from college to brewing beer The beer brewing landscape in the Southeast Being open to what life brings your way Remember that what’s right for you may not be right for someone else Being okay with going against the advice of others Don’t let your age or gender affect decisions to pursue something new Facing your fears head on and being brave Develop yourself through education to build wisdom Fewer barriers to entry with rise of technology and access Importance of not only envisioning you dream, but also taking the next steps and moving ideas into action – you’ve got to work for it Create habits that you don’t want to break Don’t lose the joy in your journey Fun contest / giveaway with Fireforge once they are open! Nicole’s advice to the next generation, to someone starting out: “Be very careful who you share your dream … stay positive and just go for it. If you’re waiting for an endorsement or stamp of approval, you’re not going to get it.” Guest Bio – By day, Nicole helps industry leaders formulate impactful marketing, sales, and client care strategies through one-on-one coaching, training and consulting. 
She’s also the director of engagement for A-LINE Interactive, a work-hard, play-hard web development and digital marketing firm that works with fun companies and non-profit organizations across the Carolinas. By night, Nicole is the co-founder of Fireforge Crafted Beer, a brewery-in-planning in Greenville, SC. Fireforge exists to give people a place that ignites their spirit of adventure and exploration. Connect with Nicole: LinkedIn Fireforge Crafted Beer Resources / References: Brooke Bristow – Bristow Beverage Law Shama Hyder, Uphill Conversations Podcast Episode 43 Uphill Strategies: Follow us on Facebook to be notified of upcoming training courses on Testing Your Dream INTRO AND OUTRO MUSIC (Used by permission): © 2017 UCYP Theme written and arranged by Luke Pecoraro all rights reserved. © 2017 UCYP (Uphill Conversations Young Professionals) (UCYP is an Uphill Strategies, LLC production) The post 9: YP Perspective – Know Yourself, Be Open + Discover Your Dreams appeared first on Uphill Conversations.
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