45 minutes | Jun 14th 2017

3: Ashley Brown – YP Perspective on Entrepreneurship

In Episode 3 of UCYP, we have an Uphill Conversation with Greenville, SC young professional Ashley Brown on the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship. Show Notes: Started out in Asheville post-college and had hard time finding a job Phenomenon of accidental entrepreneurship Greater awareness of perceived weaknesses and turning them to your advantage Challenges of being a young professional entrepreneur Importance of building a strong inner circle Desire for challenges to solve and solve quickly – pressure as privilege Taking risks to realize a dream, taking an idea into action Don’t overlook incredible amount of work that comes with launching a business Uphill Challenge in Ashley’s life has been shifting her personal priorities to align with her role as a business owner Sometimes you need to let go of relationships you’ve outgrown When you make decisions, you never know who’s watching Inspiration for starting GirlBossGreenville and its purpose Magic of bringing women together to share stories and support one another Don’t let your age, specifically your youth, be your barrier Ashley shares advice she’d give to YPs starting out Importance of making true connections and being present with others Connect with Ashley: Ashely Brown Strategy Website Ashley Brown Strategy Facebook Page Ashley’s Personal Facebook GirlBossGreenville Group Influences in Ashley’s life: Tim Justice Joe Erwin, Endeavor Hale’s Jewelers, Lucian Lee Sophia Amoruso, #GIRLBOSS About Ashley: 26 year old Greenville native Ashley Brown is founder of #GirlBossGreenville and owner of Ashley Brown Strategy. “I knew that I owed it to myself to at least try, “ She says in referring to the decision to go full-time into entrepreneurship. In the past year she has launched 2 LLC’s, 1 not for profit women’s group (GirlBossGreenville) and is launching her third business in July. Her favorite part of owning a business in Greenville has been onboarding her five employees and watching them grow. When Ashley isn’t working, she’s in the mountains or splashing in a stream. She’s happiest in the sunshine reading an old paperback novel and eating mac and cheese coated with Franks Hot Sauce. INTRO AND OUTRO MUSIC (Used by permission): © 2017 UCYP Theme written and arranged by Luke Pecoraro all rights reserved. © 2017 UCYP (Uphill Conversations Young Professionals) (UCYP is an Uphill Strategies, LLC production) The post 3: Ashley Brown – YP Perspective on Entrepreneurship appeared first on Uphill Conversations.
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