26 minutes | Apr 1, 2021

Meet the new CEO of the Huntsman Mental Health Institute

Mental health issues and suicide were already high in Utah when pandemic arrived more than a year ago, exacerbating anxiety, stress and loneliness for many Utahns—including many U students. But there is reason to be optimistic that our state can address these challenges in a meaningful, impactful and transformative way, thanks to a donation from the Jon M. and Karen Huntsman family. The donation made possible the creation of the Huntsman Mental Health Institute. In this episode of U Rising, you’ll hear from Dr. Mark Rapaport, the institute’s new CEO, about how HMHI is working to create new models of care, better service and also to advance research and knowledge that ultimately changes lives. Recorded on March 11, 2021. Thanks to Brooke Adams, Emily Black and Dave White for technical assistance. Original music by Taylor Hartley.
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