46 minutes | Dec 14th 2020

Why Everyone Shows up for Free Intros With Pep Leppers

In September, Pep Leppers got 40 leads. All of them booked appointments, 39 showed up and 28 of them bought something.

You could call it a lucky month, but he's maintained those numbers—a set rate of 30-40, a 95 percent show rate and a 70-80 percent close rate—ever since.

Learn how he does it and how you can improve your gym's set, show and close rates in this episode.


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1:37 – The history of Pep’s metrics.

2:52 – Where do his leads come from?

3:14 – Pep’s approach to affinity marketing.

7:30 – How Pep customizes Facebook marketing for success.

12:14 – The importance of consistency between your ads and your website.

14:58 – A glimpse at Pep’s approach to lead nurture.

21:07 – How Pep prevents no-shows before they happen.

26:19 – The one-hour intro session: Why it’s worth it.

31:25 – The best of both worlds: the No-Sweat Intro and the Sweat Intro.

42:03 – How Pep’s numbers have changed since September.

43:53 – Two simple steps struggling gym owners can take today to improve set, show and close rates.

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