30 minutes | Jan 14th 2021

Two-Brain Programming: How to Save Time and Money

The gyms that had the best retention during lockdown were the ones that customized group programming to every client's needs—and if they keep doing that, they'll continue to be successful long after the COVID crisis is over.

But customization is a lot of work. That's where Two-Brain Programming comes in: to help gym owners deliver excellent, customized service while saving time and money.

A Two-Brain Programming membership comes with in-person and remote programming tracks, each with briefs customized for three unique client avatars.

Depending on membership tier, you'll also get daily session plans, video briefs, coaches development videos, built-in opportunities for coaches to advance their careers and daily SEMM (sleep, eat, move, manage) programming. Current Two-Brain Growth clients have access to Tier 1 for free and Tier 2 at a discounted rate.

Here, Brooks DiFiore explains the program and its benefits in detail.


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1:18 – Filling the gap with Two-Brain Programming.

3:30 – Workout-focused programming vs. client-focused programming.

4:05 – What you get.

6:12 – The three client avatars.

8:38 – The point isn’t to just copy and paste; it’s to build relationships with clients.

11:11 – The two tiers of Two-Brain Programming.

14:38 – Incorporating SEMM coaching.

19:02 – Built-in opportunities for professional development.

21:45 – Syncing with the Prescriptive and Help First models.

25:31 – A sneak peek.

27:59 – How to start a 30-day free trial.

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