39 minutes | Jan 18th 2021

Two-Brain Coaching First Degree: Good to Great

The best coaches know they need coaches, too.

Mike Watson is one of those coaches. As a mentor for Two-Brain Coaching's First Degree course, he helps new and veteran coaches grow as trainers and develop their careers, whether that looks like personal training, group-fitness coaching, nutrition coaching, mindset coaching or something else.

He joined Two-Brain Coaching co-founder Josh Martin to talk in detail about the program and how coaches and gym owners can benefit from it.


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1:14 – In the beginning: Training, working and phone-book flipping with Chris Cooper.

4:40 – From training people to training coaches.

6:59 – The Two-Brain Coaching First Degree Course

10:29 – Finding “confidence in our competence.”

11:45 – Incorporating content creation into coaches training.

15:45 – Personal training: the golden opportunity. 

21:59 – Personalizing the course experience.

25:00 – Combating burnout.

27:10 – Professor Mike.

29:34 – Two-Brain Programming and the SEMM model.

33:36 – Translating the SEMM model for real-world application.

36:34 – How to get a new coach up to speed with the First Degree Course.

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