20 minutes | Nov 18th 2020

Top Books of 2020 for Gym Owners

Chris Cooper used to ask his mentors what they were reading; now, he asks them, "What book have you read five times?"

A side effect of the COVID crisis meant fewer books were published in 2019, but that's OK. A book doesn't have to be new to be great.

Here are Chris's top reads of 2020.


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00:41 – The milkshake revelation.
 6:08 – “All Marketers Are Liars”
 7:13 – The 75 Hard Challenge
8:20 – “Business Secrets From the Bible”
 9:28 – "Vivid Vision"
 10:37 – “Fix This Next”
 12:10 – “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do”
 13:03 – “The Wealthy Fit Pro’s Guide to Getting Clients and Referrals”
 14:02 – “Think Like a Rocket Scientist”
 15:08 – “The Big Leap”
 15:58 – “Blue Ocean Strategy”

Find all the books on Chris' list here.


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