21 minutes | Nov 15th 2020

The Secrets of Incredible Staff Development

When the COVID pandemic hit, many gym owners had to let staff members go or stop paying them. Jared Byczko of NapTown Fitness promoted staff members instead, creating new C-suite level positions in the middle of lockdown.

It's just one of many reasons why he earned Two-Brain's Coach Education Award, given to gym owners who've created such a strong business that it supports not only the owners and their families but provides solid careers for staff, too.

Tune in to learn how Jared and his business partner, Peter Brasovan, developed such a resilient business.


NapTown Fitness
Incite Tax: Profit First for Microgyms
Two-Brain Coaching
Gym Owners United


00:21 – About the Coach Education Award.

3:45 – Shifting from personal development to team development.

5:08 – Hitting their stride with mentorship.

6:30 – Promoting staff despite COVID.

9:08 – Experimenting with staff compensation methods.

11:23 – The Entrepreneur’s Operating System.

15:30 – The importance of empathy.

16:53 – What to do if you’re struggling with staffing.

18:00 – The future of NapTown Fitness.

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