50 minutes | Jan 21st 2021

The Microgym Model: 2021

How many clients does a microgym owner need to be successful? How does he or she find them? And how do operations change as client base grows?  The answers are in the data.

Here, Chris Cooper pulls important numbers from Two-Brain's State of the Industry Guide—like how many clients gyms have and how profitable those gyms are—and explains how they're connected.

If you're wondering why you're stuck at 100 clients—or why you've got 300 but aren't making any money—you won't want to miss this episode.


The State of the Industry guide
The Ultimate Business Plan for Gym Owners
The Tipping Point
Tribal Leadership
How to Start an Online Training Program, With Jonathan Goodman
Founder, Farmer, Tinker, Thief
Gym Owners Handbook
Driven Nutrition
Two-Brain Coaching




5:18 – The stages of tribes.

8:32 – The vocational level: 0 to 5 clients.

10:28 – Getting to the 5- 15-client mark—and establishing a home base.

13:14 – Opening a studio at 15-50 clients.

14:41 – When you hit the ceiling on your time.

18:15 – The hardest jump: going from 50-150 clients.

20:48 – The marketing mistake gym owners make trying to get 150 clients.

22:49 – Hiring according to the value ladder.

24:-04 – Triads: What they are and why you need them.

26:51 – Where gyms go wrong at 150-plus members.

28:24 – You made it to 150. Now what?

31:05 – Systemizing marketing.

33:08 – Want 500 members? You need a unique model.

36:44 – Coop’s journey through each stage of client membership.

41:05 – How Greg Glassman scaled his model.

46:24 – Why 150 clients is a great target to shoot for.

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