37 minutes | Jul 22, 2021

The Guy Who Bought a Gym During the COVID Shutdown (Epic Comeback)

Jordan Fink quit his day job and bought a gym in early 2020.  No sooner had he signed the papers than came the mandatory COVID-19 gym shutdown.  He didn't even meet his new staff until months after he'd become their new boss.From there, Jordan endured multiple member mass exoduses and roller-coastering revenue. At one point, he even started dusting off his resume. Today, after starting mentorship with Two-Brain and learning to sell high-value packages to give people the help they need, Jordan's posting the highest revenue numbers he's ever seen. Get to know the winner of Two-Brain's 2021 "Comeback of the Year" award in this episode.Links:Clearlake CrossFitChalk It ProTwo-Brain CoachingGym Owners UnitedTimeline:1:21 – Buying a gym at the start of a pandemic.4:00 – ”What have I done?”7:51 – Mass exodus.10:10 – Seeking mentorship.16:13 – Initiating the comeback.20:43 – Diversifying revenue streams.21:40 – The second mass exodus.23:56 – Learning to sell high-ticket services.29:25 – Embracing being the comeback king.33:54 – It’s easy to get advice. The hard part? Acting on it. 
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