32 minutes | Jan 4th 2021

The Future of Coaching

The COVID crisis fast-tracked the evolution of the fitness industry, but it's about more than online coaching. The gyms that retained the most clients were the ones whose coaches had the deepest relationships with those clients—and that means teaching more than exercise.

That's why Two-Brain Coaching teaches the SEMM model: Sleep, eat, move, manage. World-class coaches help their clients with all four pillars because that's what will get them the best results.

Here, Two-Brain Coaching's Josh Martin explains how coaches can use each pillar to deliver (and charge for) higher-value services—and why the future of coaching revolves around a holistic approach. 


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1:05 – How the COVID crisis transformed coaching.

1:54 – The four pillars of the SEMM model of coaching.

3:58 – Why coaches should teach more than exercise.

5:56 – How to use SEMM in group training.

7:41 – How coaches benefit from coaching all four pillars.

9:37 – How one gym owner more than doubled nutrition-coaching revenue during COVID.

11:30 – The Two-Brain Nutrition Coaching course and a habits-based approach.

15:10 – Creating content to attract and keep clients.

19:17 – Mindset coaching: What it is and how to do it.

24:37 – How technology helps and hinders coaching.

28:48 – Listening to your clients instead of fighting against them.

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