21 minutes | Nov 8th 2020

The Fired Client Rebellion and the Comeback of the Year

Phil Kniep has dealt with many of the same problems most gym owners have: Bad partners, weed clients and COVID.  But what sets him apart is how he handled them.

Shortly after taking sole ownership of CrossFit Lincoln, he made the tough call to dismiss some clients who were causing problems. Twenty other members left with them.

With the help of his mentor, he and his wife rebuilt the membership according to their new vision—and then COVID hit. But while other gyms shuttered their doors, CrossFit Lincoln thrived, reporting record revenue at the height of the pandemic.

Tune in to learn how Phil turns devastating situations into opportunities for growth.


CrossFit Lincoln
Gym Lead Machine
Gym Owners United


00:20 – The Comeback of the Year Award.

1:56 – Becoming sole owners and seeking mentorship.

5:55 – Firing weed clients.

8:41 – Dealing with the fallout.

11:40 – How CrossFit Lincoln delivered its most profitable months during COVID.

15:27 – The payoff: Moving closer to Perfect Day.

16:45 – Standing apart from the competition.

18:20 – What to do when you feel hopeless.

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