51 minutes | Dec 3rd 2020

Sales Secrets: Leads Leader Logs 75 Percent Close Rate

It's exciting to get lots of leads, but what really matters is how many of them show up—and how many buy.

Matt Andrus, owner of Sequoia Fitness in Oakland, California, closed 75% of his leads in September. In this episode, he shares how he does it.

Tune in to learn his approach to advertising, lead nurture and sales—and how he builds trust with potential new clients.


Sequoia Fitness
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Two-Brain Coaching
The Surge: Why Some Gyms are Thriving After COVID
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2:02 – A look at Matt’s automations.

3:55 – Analyzing the data.

6:27 – Surfing the Surge.

8:18 – What he did to close 75% of leads in September.

11:16 – Evolving from the old school.

14:59 – Pamphlets and sandwich boards.

17:45 – Rustic but sophisticated.

21:48 – What the luxury hotel industry taught Matt about sales.

24:09 – “Not a consult, but a conversation.”

27:27 – You have to believe your product is worth the price.

32:16 – Teaching staff to sell.

36:35 – “Hire for attitude, train for aptitude.”

41:02 – Successful No-Sweat Intros.

48:22 – You have to listen.

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