30 minutes | Dec 17th 2020

Net Owner Benefit: Tips From Two-Brain’s Top Earners

Oskar Johed and business partner Karl Solberg have some of the best Net Owner Benefit numbers in the Two-Brain family. That means their business is working to their benefit and providing things like good salaries, dividends, pension plans, life insurance and more.

But you don't get a high Net Owner Benefit by accident. The owners of CrossFit Medis in Sweden are now reaping the benefit of years of careful decision-making that has made their business profitable.

Tune in to learn what Oskar and Karl have done to grow profit, revenue and Net Owner Benefit over the years and how you can start doing it, too.


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2:12 – What is Net Owner Benefit?

4:05 – Using taxes to maximize Net Owner Benefit.

8:28 – How the owners of CrossFit Medis got where they are now.

11:46 – How Oskar and Karl increased profit margins.

13:52 – The biggest mistakes gym owners make that keep them from achieving high Net Owner Benefit.

18:07 – How defining your avatar can increase revenue opportunities.

20:02 – Managing costs—including staffing.

23:17 – Letting time and the compound effect work for you.

25:33 – The power of getting outside perspective.

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