35 minutes | Jan 7th 2021

Long-Term Value: What If Every Client Spent $10,000 in Your Gym?

You've heard of ARM (average revenue per member) and LEG (length of engagement), but what do you know about LTV—lifetime value?

Lifetime value is just what it sounds like: how much a client pays you over the course of their entire relationship with your business. And at Chalkline CrossFit in California, it was over $9,000 per client in October.

Here's how owner Emily Cabral achieved such a high number and why LTV is an important figure to track.


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Two-Brain Coaching
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The State of the Industry guide


2:44 – Calculating LTV.

6:00 – The secret sauce.

9:36 – Dealing with the icon problem.

13:40 – Planning to raise ARM.

14:11 – Advertising and LEG.

19:49 – How LTV informs decision-making and spending.

25:58 – Advertising in the post-COVID era.

27:27 – Using the 90-day challenge as an entry point for prescriptive selling.

31:52 – The key to high LTV.

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