38 minutes | May 31, 2021

Is Your Programming Disheartening Your Members?

Mat Fraser might be able to do a workout with 400 weighted pistols immediately followed by 300 freestanding handstand push-ups and a 1-rep-max snatch, but that doesn't mean you should program it for your clients.

"But he's the inspiration!" you say. "They need something to work toward!"

True. But most of your clients have goals like losing weight, getting stronger, or just staying fit for their daily lives. That doesn't mean you should set the bar low, but think how much your clients will accomplish if they're not constantly feeling like they're falling short.

Here, Brooks DiFiore of Two-Brain Programming talks with host Mike Warkentin about how to program for your client avatar and how Two-Brain Programming's philosophy can help make your clients happier while improving your gym's revenue.


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1:09 – Are your clients frustrated? 

3:34 – Overprogramming: How we got here. 

8:08 – Why “program for the best, scale for the rest” doesn’t always work.

12:11 – How the CrossFit Games have influenced gym programming.

15:18 – Re-evaluating expectations.

18:08 – Reversing the equation.

20:17 – Where do benchmark workouts fit in? 

24:06 – Programming to your client avatar. 

25:28 – How Two-Brain Programming helps gym owners retain and please clients. 

27:21 – Three workouts modified for three different clients with three different goals. 

32:22 – It’s about providing better service. 

34:40 – How to try Two-Brain Programming for free. 

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