36 minutes | Dec 21st 2020

How to Be a Better Leader in 2021

If you're a gym owner, you're also a leader—whether you like it or not. You set the example for your staff and members, and how well you lead has a direct correlation to how well your business performs.

But what does good leadership look like? And can you get better at it if it doesn't come naturally?

Here, certified Two-Brain mentor and gym owner Anastasia Bennett shares five characteristics of great leaders and how to develop them.


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1:26 – Good leaders have clarity.

3:35 – Good leaders build relationships based on trust.

4:52 – Good leaders are consistent.

6:50 – Good leaders have the courage to make decisions.

8:19 – When over-communication is a good thing.

10:22 – Motivate, don’t manage.

13:55 – Are leaders born or made?

16:13 – Building leaders by building confidence.

19:08 – How mentorship can help build confidence.

20:48 – Communication 101: Know your audience.

22:47 – Stick to the point.

25:10 – Communicate often.

27:58 – The importance of body language.

30:26 – To improve leadership and communication skills, start with your vision.

32:06 – Give credit where it’s due and take responsibility when it’s needed.

32:48 – Ask questions.

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