30 minutes | Aug 2, 2021

Gym Profitable? Here's Exactly What to Do Next

When you first opened your gym, the goal was simple: Survive. And you did. You grew, hired some staff, and have a profitable business. Now what? Unless you're happy just working the job you've bought yourself for the rest of your life, you've got to level up. At Two-Brain Business, we call that "Tinker Phase," or when entrepreneurs have grown their businesses and mentored their staff so well that they don't need to run it anymore, leaving them free to invest their time and resources into other things and help even more people. Here, Two-Brain Founder Chris Cooper will tell you exactly how to get there.Links:ArboxAGuardReal Estate: The Secret to Wealth for Gym Owners?"Founder, Farmer, Tinker, Thief"Timeline:2:52 – The phases of the entrepreneurial journey.4:46 – Don’t slide backward.7:31 – Re-invest your wins.8:23 – Hit “save game.”8:53 – Hire a manager.9:10 – Don’t repeat your mistakes.9:33 – Mentor your staff.9:59 – Become antifragile.10:21 – Keep your hands out of the machine.11:19 – Growing your assets.11:54 – Test one thing at a time.13:38 – How to leverage your audience.16:55 – How to leverage your cash.18:41 – How to leverage your time.20:55 – The Two-Brain Tinker program.22:42 – Why you need to mentor your staff.23:43 – How to mentor your staff.27:37 – How to light your staff on fire.
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